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1974 – Elisabethhof Gastronomische Betriebs GmbH is established. Acquisition of the first property on Franziskanergasse 7.

1982 – Launch of operational business and actual real estate development in the form we embrace today. The company is renamed WEGRAZ.

1983 – Acquisition of the building owned by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) marks the start of our idea to establish residential ownership in the ‘Old Building’.

1990 – Careful gentrification of the old town in Graz.

2009 – Expansion of operations to include new builds.

2016 – Establishment of the subsidiary Wohnreich.

2020 – Expansion into Slovenia

2022/23 –Portfolio expansion to include lakeside properties.

2022 – Rebranding of WEGRAZ. Various changes as a commitment to sustainability (e-bikes, e-cars, e-fuelling stations, paperless company, etc.).

2023 – Launch of the Hohenberg-Group

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Dr. Reinhard Hohenberg



A strong desire to experiment, accompanied by an inquisitive spirit, were key motivations behind the establishment of WEGRAZ.


The young Dr Reinhard Hohenberg held a trainee position in a law firm in which he was tasked with accompanying his boss’s wife to inspect properties and collect ideas on how they could be developed. Ultimately, though, his ideas just ended up in the basement. This merely fuelled his ambition to put the ideas into practice. A few years after becoming a licensed lawyer, he then set out to build on his basic knowledge of the property sector and create pooled knowledge from which he could successfully draw resources to tackle construction projects without being thwarted by obstacles.


In 1974, Dr Reinhard Hohenberg then reached the decision to found Elisabethhof Gastronomische Betriebs GmbH. The underlying idea was to gentrify and preserve valuable old buildings in the historic centre of Graz and to bring the apartments in line with modern standards.


Dr Reinhard Hohenberg also discovered the significant reservoir of unused space beneath the roofs of Graz that could be converted into attractive dwellings. This inevitably prompted major discussions with the Graz Old Town Commission – although, with time, he managed to convinced the commission members that creating living space under the roofs of Graz would be a sensible approach.

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Our 50th anniversary celebrations

A successful anniversary event with lots of great people, visionary discussions, delicious food and cool drinks.
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