Wholeness as a decisive factor

In addition to WEGRAZ, the Hohenberg Group includes the companies Wohnreich and Seria.

Each of these companies is a specialist in its own field and together we cover the entire value chain from development and refurbishment to rental and sales as well as real estate management.


WEGRAZ – We realize visions
Real estate development

Since 1974, WEGRAZ Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung und Assanierung m.b.H. has realised more than 300 projects together with renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid, Ernst Giselbrecht or Hermann Eisenköck. Our credo has always been “individuality instead of mainstream”. We break new ground and find creative solutions without disregarding economic success.

Learn more: https://austria-handel-treuhand.at/


Wohnreich – Your key to happiness!
Real estate brokerage

Wohnreich Immobilienverwertungs GmbH is the perfect interface between owners and interested parties and markets both its own and third-party properties in the residential and commercial sectors. With high quality at fair prices, we enable our customers to find the ideal property for all their needs.

Learn more: https://www.wohnreich.at/


Seria – Always there for you!
Real estate management

Seria Immobilien & Treuhand GmbH is one of the largest private real estate service providers in Styria. As real estate managers, we not only take care of the commercial and technical management of your property, but also offer legal advice. Service is very important to us, because we are the first point of contact for tenants and owners.


What it means to be part of the Hohenberg-Group:

Tradition has always been important to us. But our “tradition” of today was the “innovation” of yesterday. Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s good old tradition and perhaps already history the day after tomorrow. It is thanks to the extraordinary courage of the Hohenberg Group, and especially that of the founder, that we can now look back on a wealth of experience. This wealth of experience coupled with a willingness to learn and innovate are the guarantee for outstanding performance.

Our added value:
solid wealth of experience
creative approaches to solutions
uncomplicated thought processes
lived employee culture
respectful interaction with each other
you can rely on our word
The ones who love their job never work!
Founder Dr. Reinhard Hohenberg

Dr. Reinhard Hohenberg

A success story

There is much more than just a name behind this group of successful companies, namely the sharp mind, diligence and dedication of one man: Dr. Reinhard Hohenberg. However, his path into the real estate world was by no means predetermined. His learned profession is law, but he followed his heart and thus his early affinity for real estate. With all his life experience and his profound real estate know-how, he continues to be an important pillar for the Hohenberg Group. Despite all his successes, he has never lost his humanity.

On 2 June 2022, Dr. Reinhard Hohenberg was awarded the Decoration of Honour of the Province of Styria by Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer for his achievements.

Dr. Reinhard Hohenberg