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Demolish, Preserve, Cement? The defining topics in the real estate world from A to Z.

Building construction is one of the largest emitters of the greenhouse gas CO2 worldwide. What is the future viability of the construction industry in terms of climate change and sustainability? What are the terms, topics and trends, what should people know?

Building the future: “The Laboratory of the Future“

The 18th International Architecture Exhibition, which is currently underway in Venice, deals precisely with these formative topics and questions of a comprehensive industry fraught with great responsibility. With the motto “The Laboratory of the Future“ it is focusing on declining resources, climate change and more sustainability: “Everything is under close scrutiny, not only architecture. Politics and art must offer interdisciplinary models and designs to build and live in the future”. For this year’s curator Lesley Lokko, a Ghanaian-Scottish architecture scholar and best-selling author, turning the spotlight on Africa is very important: “Climate change is felt much more here and Africa has the youngest population in the world.”

Many approaches, many possibilities: one goal

Architecture and construction: this is about more than just housing. Its about being environmental awareness, social politics, infrastructure, urban planning, common welfare, individual and social psychological concerns, family planning, intergenerational living, security of supply and much more. All considerations have a common goal: to build more sustainably in the future.

The works of the Masomi studio from Niamey, the capital of Niger, reflect this: Mariam Issoufou Kamara combines sustainable materials and traditional building methods. The Danish architect Anders Lendager is building entire housing estates in Copenhagen out of recycled material. Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal have long since demonstrated, in a way that has won several awards, that a renovation can be more innovative than a new building: “Never demolish”, is one of their mottos.

Many topics, much knowledge: a glossary

It is not surprising that new terms keep appearing in connection with the diversity of these approaches and endeavours. In our blog, we constantly pick up on current trends and topics, explain current developments and what they mean for the work of WEGRAZ. So that these important topics don’t get lost, but can be viewed in the long term, we are compiling a glossary; which will, of course, constantly grow. This digital reference book (LINK) contains the latest news and interesting facts about architecture, building, trends, sustainable location and project development as well as tips and links to further information.

The A to Z of sustainable real estate development.

With A to Z, you will learn more about demolition, preservation and cementing; because these classic terms of the construction industry are placed in context with contemporary trends and terms such as: “Noah’s Ark“, “Co-Working-Spaces“, “Decentralised urban concepts“, “Collaborative living“, “Mobility“, “Sharing“, “Smart Living“, “Smart Cities“ or “Third Places“.

Real estate and location development has probably never faced such great tasks and responsibilities as it does today; and it has probably never been so exciting. Have a read!


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