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Property development with charisma – 50 years of WEGRAZ

2024 will be a special year for WEGRAZ, as we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary. We look back on an incredible half century of property development, and at least as far into the future. The five decades since our inception have been a story of astonishing courage and – in the spirit of our founder, Dr Reinhard Hohenberg – a reinvention of traditional (urban) development concepts and architectural principles. Dr Hohenberg, a great thinker and strong personality, someone who simply rolls up his sleeves instead of wasting time on words, has imbued WEGRAZ with precisely these qualities – and successfully built the company into a property developer with charisma.

Property development with charisma

WEGRAZ – property development with charisma: A company that is defined by certain attributes, perhaps even idiosyncrasies, that is memorable and noticeably stands out from the average or mundane in a positive sense. WEGRAZ was conceived to be disruptive, but never thoughtless or disrespectful. Adopting and structuring fresh ideas demands both radical and cautious implementation. It takes accountability and sure instincts to embark on an unconventional journey, precisely because it is unusual. But doing so yields a steady stream of innovative, individual approaches and methods. A never-ending flow of revolutionary, unexpected and viable solutions that are tailored precisely to the tasks at hand. Property and location strategies that are anything other than common or average. But always full of charisma.

“Even disorder can produce an extraordinary result.”

“Over the years, I have been fascinated by the idea that while a predetermined order is certainly not to be discounted, it must nevertheless permit creative approaches that supersede the order itself.” (Dr Reinhard Hohenberg)

At the beginning of the 1970s, Wohnungseigentum Graz first set a trailblazing trend with the partition and establishment of flat ownership in older buildings. This was followed by many others and over the years the original one-man company morphed into WEGRAZ, one of the most successful Styrian project developers for extraordinary revitalisation projects and new builds in the residential, retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

WEGRAZ’s customers and investors have always enjoyed creative solutions and financial success due to the company’s innovative spirit and evident pleasure in presaging future trends.

New, symbiotic, sustainable

WEGRAZ’s comprehensive, holistic philosophy and approach to work – in which sustainability has been a fulcrum since the company’s inception – have produced an impressive number of projects with remarkable figures and results.

We would like to look back on a few of these projects in 2023. However, while we reflect on our past and our milestones, we look forward quite naturally to what the future will bring. And this outlook will extend way beyond our own business horizon to encompass the most striking and significant challenges in an age of climate change, dwindling resources and urban development tasks. The future will be exciting and produce solutions with genuine charisma.

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