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What is a “Wohnschirm”?

Times are challenging, emotionally and financially. The coronavirus has already made life difficult for many, and the effects are still being felt and are threatening the existence of many. Now the effects of a military conflict come on top and these, among other things, place further financial burdens on everyone.

The Wohnschirm helps when there is not enough money left

Reduced working hours, job loss, fewer or even no orders for self-employed people: In times of the coronavirus, there are many reasons why there is no longer enough money to pay the rent. When you fall behind with paying the rent, the consequence is imminent, namely, the threat of losing the apartment. The Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Long-Term Care and Consumer Protection has therefore launched the so-called ” Wohnschirm”, which provides free advice and financial support to those affected, provided that the rent debts arose after 1 March 2020.

Various forms of assistance in many areas

As a real COVID-19 aid, the Wohnschirm has been designed to be comprehensive. At we provide a lot of information in advance on how the guidance is designed and structured, what documents people should have available, what costs will be covered (if, as mentioned above, they are incurred after 1 March 2020). During a free counselling session, the circumstances will be analysed, a solution strategy will be developed and, based on this, the Wohnschirm will be activated.

Goal: To avert the threat of evictions

However, the assistance provided by the Wohnschirm is not only of an advisory nature, but of course also a substantial one, i.e. financial: By taking over rent debts including any court costs, eviction processes can be stopped and those affected can remain in their homes. What this means emotionally and for the future existence of those affected is clear.

The most important information is available in advance online

You can download more about the Wohnschirm here:

You can find an advice centre close to you here:

And you can read answers to frequently asked questions here: